Often when we think about meditation images of Buddhist monks sitting crossed legged in ridiculously uncomfortable positions for hours on end may spring to mind. You may have an established belief that it is somehow weird or that it may be difficult…that your mind is far too busy to slow down…or you may hold no opinion at all. Time to create a more user friendly approach. Instead of thinking of it as another ‘thing’ to do or achieve to reach our ‘goal’ of calmness and peace.. it may be more accurate to say it’s a ‘not doing something’…but consciously ‘not doing something’…it is your beautiful heavenly space of ‘I am not ‘doing’ or ‘thinking’ or ‘knowing’ anything right now”…it’s a kind of unplugging yourself from the external reality that you perceive and as you progress you will also unplug yourself from the inner terrain of accumulated thoughts, feelings and emotions….belief systems.

As we consciously grant ourselves permission to unhook or unplug from ‘everything’…our perceptual reality…we begin to nurture a beautiful space inside…this space becomes fertile ground out of which a more preferred perspective of reality can be realised i.e we can begin to live our lives consciously with awareness…we can establish new and more beneficial thoughts and beliefs…you see beliefs are just thoughts that we repeat over and over again. Every experience as it appears throughout life is being translated through your thoughts and feelings…your thoughts and feelings determine how much you ‘get’ out of life…they are determining your ‘state’ of being….so it stands to reason that the less you think or maintain established perspectives or positions in situations the happier and more content you’ll be. You are not the thoughts and the emotions that you experience. You are the free spirit that they appear then manifest within.

How to begin meditating

Give it a name that feels good to you…maybe ‘relaxing your mind’ or ‘re-alignment time’…whatever will encourage you to look forward to that time of giving yourself back to you completely and utterly…just letting yourself luxuriate in your own expansive, beautiful internal landscape (where there is nothing ‘to do’ and nobody to annoy you or want something from you). Switch the phone off (just for 5 or 10 mins…you’ll cope). Make yourself comfortable…but don’t fall asleep…so sit up straight if you need to….don’t be overly concerned with posture.

Close your eyes and initially just be aware of everything you can hear…all of the sounds around you there..just hearing everything in a relaxed manner…without translating the sounds just allowing your hearing sense to do its’ thing. Now feel sensations on your skin…is there any breeze?…does your skin feel warm or cool?…how does each body part feel…is there tension?…is there comfort? without changing anything…just noticing…just being aware of how your body feels.

Notice the thoughts…what are the thoughts saying maybe ‘I’m bored’…‘How long will this take?’…’I need to do this…this and this today’…and that is perfectly normal…the thoughts have been boss for a looooong time and the momentum of that mental energy will not stop overnight (well it does recede in sleep but you know what I mean). Just observe them without trying to make them be anything else. Keep gently steering your focus of attention back to the sounds around you and the sensations in the body.

Then begin to observe your breath…your beautiful breath…that life giving force of energy that we are so blessed with…just give it some of your beautiful attention…really notice how it feels as breath is inhaled…the sensations as the air travels through the nostrils and is then drawn via the chest all the way down to the belly…that beautiful life giving force being circulated through your entire being…just notice the breathing process. Now hold the focus of your attention on the breath…enjoy the feeling..let the thoughts do whatever they like…let the feelings do whatever they like…just remain focused upon your beautiful breath. In and out like undulating waves on the shore. Imagine that you are just the breath…and allow all else to dissolve away…back into the oblivion from where it emerged!

After you’ve experienced this a few times you;ll begin to notice that the thoughts and emotions are somehow separate from you…you are now beginning to cultivate your inner sanctum…your fertile space in which you can begin to re focus your attention and intention :). Most importantly enjoy cultivating this peaceful space…no pressure…just patience and love. Really enjoy this time for you to luxuriate in your own presence…the more you do it with love…the more you’ll want to do it and a beautiful ‘practice’ will be created. You’ll find yourself more calm, peaceful, present and ‘in love’ with life as it shows up for you.

If you would like some help to create and cultivate your very own beautiful meditation practice call Melanie – 0432 659 044 (for classes or personal one to one guidance) or email.