Melanie Barrett has practiced hypnotherapy for fourteen years and during that time has helped thousands of individuals, just like you, to understand themselves more deeply so that they can create positive changes for themselves. Her down to earth approach will enable yourself & herself  to create a beautiful rapport together, thus creating the perfect climate for openness and positive changes to ensue.

Hypnosis is an entirely natural state; it’s simply an altered state to the one we experience the majority of the time. For example most people have experienced that feeling of zoning out while driving; perhaps crossing a set of traffic lights without conscious awareness. During that time the subconscious aspect of the mind has taken the steering wheel and one is in effect experiencing a level of trance, an altered state.

The changes that you desperately crave WILL come into reality when you set up small daily thought changing & habit changing rituals. When you begin to refocus your attention on the ‘HOW TO’ and the steps necessary for change, instead of your focus being consumed by the negativity of not having the life you want. Negative feelings perpetuate negative thoughts and negative thoughts create negative feelings, it’s a feedback loop that sustains a negative reality. Hypnotherapy can break the negative cycle.

Aristotle said ‘We are what we repeatedly do’, I would go one step further back and say we are what we repeatedly ‘think’, the ‘doing’ stems from the thinking. So let me help you ‘think’ your life differently, then you’ll ‘do’ your life differently. 

Take back your power and create the life you choose,

You can you know!

During the hypnotherapeutic session the subconscious state is accessed then maintained with the aid of visual imagery or other techniques (whichever will be most appropriate for you) then utilised in the most productive way to  effect positive change. Hypnosis is so effective as a healing modality because with the conscious critical thinking part of the mind out of the way the core beliefs can be questioned…these are the psychological structures that have been running the show…narrating your life story with thoughts and reactions. In order to dissolve habits, phobias, compulsive thinking etc…we must journey beyond the conscious mindset into the subconscious realms, there we are able to access the potential and power necessary to heal you and awaken you to your true nature.

” You cannot solve a problem from within the same consciousness that created it,
you must learn to see the world a new!” 
Albert Einstein

During hypnotherapy your subconscious mind is always in control and will ensure that you will remain safe and secure.

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Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial in healing:

  • Stress/Anxiety panic attacks
  • Fears/phobias
  • Weight issues
  • Addictions (eg smoking and alcoholism)
  • Insomnia
  • Low self esteem
What some of Melanie’s clients have said:
With her beautiful soul, calming nature & years of wonderful experience in hypnotherapy Melanie has enabled me to let go of the past, live in the present & embrace the future. Highly recommended!”
I used to be really anxious and had no confidence. I’d seen counsellors & various psychologists, nobody could help me. After working with Melanie my mindset is clear, open and positive. I have slowed things down enough so that I am more aware of thoughts, so now I don’t get caught up in them.”
“Through hypnosis I’ve been able to go back to the root cause of limiting beliefs and negative thinking to eliminate them at their source so that they stop repeating…I’ve learned that negative thoughts and emotions loop until you remove their root.”
“I have an ability to be more aware of thoughts and feelings I’m having now & I don’t react so much to them, not so caught up in the mental maze of life. I’m beginning to enjoy subtler things, warmth of the sun on my skin, smell of the rain, when I feel positive I can really enjoy that feeling now…I’m sensitive to the good stuff and not so sensitive to the bad stuff now”
“Melanie addresses problems on a base level that actually transforms them, oftentimes identifying the initial trauma. She holds clients with unprecedented sensitivity and compassion. After 30 years of practicing and teaching energy work I recognise Melanie as an elite practitioner. I trust her implicitly & am personally grateful for the remarkable changes she has helped bring into my life.”
“I can speak up now and I know my worthiness…I used to feel ashamed when I looked in the mirror, now I see a beautiful woman who is worthy of everything”

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You deserve it!

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