Life is Amazing

Life is an absolutely amazing experience that we have the privilege of experiencing. We come into this life, the soul already has a purpose. Everything then, the.. all the concepts that we download for a learning we perceive then through that level of reality through those conceptual belief do full circle of your light to come all the way back to the beginning  to that blank canvas…to the remembrance, the realization that absolutely nothing is true and yet everything is true…it’s a game.


Let go of every thought.. every emotion…every idea that you are going somewhere that you becoming something, that there is a better than here right now. This thoughts, this emotions, this ideas this beliefs that you are growing towards, once this are not believed in anymore, once there are discarded then there is ultimate realisation that you are already here, that supreme being is the foundation of all things, beyond even the concept of foundation.

Being Present

Think as such our whole lives for something that’s there all the time and it’s being there all the time. Peacefulness and the simplicity within the moment, perfection of the moment which can only be found when we’re still, so wherever you are whatever you’re doing, whatever you think is going on, whatever you perceived to be an issue or if it needs to be sorted out, stop right now, breathe in deeply, inhale…and as you exhale have a sense of feeling letting go, letting go of the chatter in the mind, letting go of striving to find that peaceful harmonious space.