About Freedom Clinic

At  FREEDOM CLINIC allow us to  introduce you to a happier, more contented version of yourself. We ALL have the potential to feel better.

Our services Include hypnotherapy, relaxation/stress relief therapy, intuitive counselling, meditation (individual instruction and  classes) and universal healing…
All tailored to suit your individual needs.

You can arrange skype or in person sessions.

Call or text Melanie today to make that life changing appointment. You deserve it!

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Your life of Freedom

Let us help free you  from the tyranny of the psychological mind and introduce you to your True nature….so that you have freedom to be yourself.

The you beyond the conditioned psychological framework.

Since you were born you have been absorbing other peoples’ ideas about who and what you think you are and what you think or believe about life …these inherited opinions become your point of reference…and can cause issues if they are not in alignment with your true Self.

Psychological conditioning is only a problem if you are unhappy and if so all of our healing modalities can help you see life through a lens of more of your conscious choosing.

At the root of all of our compulsions is the minds’ attempt to make us feel loved, safe and part of ‘something’ bigger than ourselves…essentially its’ trying to emulate within your psychological experience your true, ever perfect Divine nature..

The paradox is that without the minds’ constant internal translations of the Divinely perfect moment one would experience his true Divine ever perfect Nature…effortlessly.

So come & be introduced to your true nature…discover your inner happiness!

Call or text Melanie today! 0432 659 044




the experiential understanding of wisdom


the direction of attention to a specific object


when body and mind work together as one


is a refined mental purification

Freedom to be Yourself

Let us help free you of the tyranny of the psychological mind and claim back your Divine nature!